Psoriasis Awareness Campaign- Collaboration with AbbVie and PDM (Part 1 of 3 series)

Sunday is the best time for some R&R and me time. This Sunday, learn some breathing techniques to help us calm our mind and also listen to what the experts have to say about psoriatic conditions.

It will be a live Q&A so ask your questions away! This Sunday 3.30pm on facebook via the link: 

PAM’s World Psoriasis Event 30th October 2021

It was a great event with beneficial content to all psoriasis patients! The content is meant for everyone with information about Biologics, newly diagnosed patients that need to find support and understanding of their conditions, honest patient sharing sessions and some fun activities with prizes(thanks to our sponsors)! Ted Tan our Psoriasis Warrior that is only 10 years old shared a short poem to reflect his feelings on the condition too. If you have missed the event due to your busy schedule, you can view it again via our PAM facebook page, live video. It is 3 hours long, we suggest you watch bit by bit and really absorb the content. It took us lots of work to pull this off and despite our lack of talent and flair we gave out best shot. See you at the live event on our Facebook, tomorrow!

PAM 1st Virtual AGM 31st July 2021

As the pandemic shows no sign of ending anytime soon, we have to adapt to times and move our AGM virtually! We want to reach out to everyone to join us for this important meeting to vote for the coming year’s committee members. We also appreciate new members that are keen to serve the association as we need more hands! As part of the new membership drive, anyone that signs up and join the AGM will get automatic membership waiver for the next 3 years. We hope to unite more members to give us more energy and ideas to move forward in the new era of psoriatic management.

As for newly diagnosed patients, what better way to meet our like minded individuals than at this meeting? Just fill up the Google Form to update current members details and to capture new membership. We will send the zoom link to those that filled up the form successfully a few days before the meeting. Will you join us please?


We know that it is a great concern for psoriasis patients during the prolonged pandemic if they are more susceptible to the virus, fears of vaccination and concern on the lack of prioritisation of immunocompromised patients for their vaccination slots.

Let’s talk about all this in the coming Live session on 3rd July at 11am with our Medical Advisor Dr Azura Mohd Affandi, Senior Consultant Dermatologist of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Let’s show some support to our beloved psoriasis advocate and Miss Amazing Malaysia 2019 Sofia Lovi that will be moderating the session! Just click here or you can view from PAM’s facebook page at the same date and timing.

Please do join us and share with everyone you know that needs to hear this! We look forward to your questions too.

International Federation of Psoriasis Association (IFPA) turns 50!

As a federation, it is essential that IFPA’s members’ voices remain at the heart of this process.

The updated IFPA strategy will take us into the next 50 years of the organization. Progress has certainly been made
over the past five decades. The introduction of systemic therapies like biologics has revolutionized treatment for
millions of people living with severe psoriatic disease. Noncommunicable diseases are getting more attention among policymakers than ever before.

Still, there is much work left to be done. Access to treatment must be improved. Comorbidities must be addressed. Psoriatic disease remains a serious global health challenge, with a range of unmet needs.

IFPA’s new vision, mission, and advocacy targets will launch us into the future. Together we will tackle the physical, social, emotional, and economic burdens of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. A fully virtual conference this June 30th-3 July will enable more participants to join and learn on the global initiatives and adapt to our region. Look forward to it!

#PSOARHIGH campaign to raise awareness of Psoriasis in SEA

PAM in collaboration with SafeSpace Malaysia, Psoriasis Indonesia, restingitchface and other psoriasis advocates around the region is bringing this campaign to collect stories around the region to be publish on social media. 30 stories from the region will be featured with the aim of sharing our voices, stepping out from isolation and grouping together to support each other.

Follow us on instagram @psoriasis_association_malaysia to read the stories first hand!

PAM Merdeka Social E-Gathering

Merdeka sociAl e-GAthering

2020 is a challenging year for everyone! With Covid taking the limelight, our country has been in MCO and RMCO for the longest time. During this trying times we realised that we can still connect and support psoriasis patients by going digital. Hence, PAM is keen to do a e-gathering (that fully complies to SOP!) to get to know members better and provide a platform to share experiences and ask questions in a safe environment.

The session will take place on 29th August (Saturday) 11am and will take approximately 1 hour.

If you are keen to join us, do RSVP with us and we will send you the link to the Zoom session!

Making our voices heard

Psoriasis is always deemed as a non-life threatening skin condition, hence don’t usually get enough funding in MOH compared to other diseases such as cardiovascular or oncology. However, all of us patients have to go through the emotional stress and social stigma throughout our lives. That is more taxing on mental health on the long run. Do know that we have to dig deep to find our own inner strength to face the world daily. Let us make our voices heard. Let us all help spread the awareness of this life long condition.