Psoriasis: The Naked Truth

Visit to check out Wyeth’s New Pan-European Educational Programme on Psoriasis.

From my knowledge, Wyeth is one of the producer’s of Enbrel which amongst various information sources including WEBMD (click on the article here) mentions that it may lead to serious infections and possibly hospitalization.

More on psoriasisthenakedtruth … as someone involved in marketing as a career, albeit an education programme – I see this as part of the marketing efforts of Wyeth. Nevertheless, do check it out . Nice website execution IMHO.

Polls To Help Us…

I’m currently looking into a polling section on the forum or the blog to help the forum members. Currently in R&D stage, please feel free to comment. I am trying to recreate the experience here but so far, can’t find a widget that does the same thing. The poll below is merely for testing. More on this later when we make some progress.

Tim Gunn Is Helping Out With Psoriasis? Tim Gunn Who?

Tim Gunn ? Who is he? See Picture below.

For those who have watched Project Runway (my wife does, I watch when she watches) – you will know that this gentleman is on the show. It is interesting to read that his sister had psoriasis.

Anyway, read more about the initiative he is involved in with regards to P 🙂
I would like to think that I’m a pragmatic optimist – least we know that the USA is doing with regards to P.

Click to link to the article in the New York Times.