Topical Application Tactics

During one of the Psoriasis Association meetings way back, it was shared by the association doctor on the following topical application tactic:

1. Topical Daivonex in the morning
2. Topical steroids at night

(Oh, and you can reverse the above as well).

This article mentions it as well. Hope this helps:

2 thoughts on “Topical Application Tactics

  1. what is the exact topical steroids do you recommend?

    • psoriasismalaysia


      With regards to steroids – I’d better say that let your derm prescribe them. Personally, I use a very “light/less powerful” steroid for the face (ask the pharmacist or derm). It’s very important to use a less potent steroid for the facial area plus other sensitive areas of the body in terms of the long term. You can google this.

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