9 thoughts on “Stelara – Positive News To Date

  1. Dear friends i have psoriasis since 13 years old and i been tried many types of medicines but none of these medicines help.

    Currently Im taking natural medicine and now I’m 90% better.

    If you interested please contact her directly to the email address below for more information.

    (Natural Medicine)

  2. Dear friend,

    The type of the psoriasis which I had is plaque psoriasis.
    Yes, as far I know that she is BSc in Natural Medicine.

  3. Hi anyway to get this in med in Penang?

    • psoriasismalaysia


      With regards to Stelara – there is news that trials have begun in Malaysia. The price of biologics will be very high (reckon we’re talking about 4 figures) and this is not a single shot. Hence it will be out of reach to alot of people.

      • The Stelara proves the efficiency is excellent to US patients. I am interested in knowing where i can get prescribed regardless the four figure ringgit/shot. Can any skin specialist clinic arrange? Please also estimate the cost.

      • psoriasismalaysia

        I would recommend you to Dr Koh (who is also a consultant dermatologist at University Hospital). Please contact him at his clinic (Damansara Utama) on 0377258437.

  4. ih stelara has prove to use now?can i get it in penang?
    can u recomended dermatologist who expert about psoriasis in penang or kuala lumpur?thx

  5. hi psoriasismalaysia,
    as you said that The Stelara is proven excellent in U.S, does it proven for Malaysian?may i know about the prognosis?thank you..

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