Highlights: Psoriasis Association AGM – 04 April 2010.

Members from the Psoriasis Association met at the Prince Court Medical Centre on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The turnout was smaller this year with approx 15 members attending.

The meeting started with a welcome address by the association’s president Mr Eugene Cross. After the standard AGM procedures such as passing of yesteryear’s minutes, annual report and accounts – Dom presented to the members on the internet activity by Malaysians concerning Psoriasis.

A brief preview of the PsoriasisMalaysia Forum, The Psoriasis Malaysia Blog & Facebook’s psoriasis group were introduced to the members. A short video termed “Under The Spotlight” (featured in an earlier post) filmed for the World Psoriasis Day 2009 was shown to members.

I must say that the Prince Court Medical Centre has excellent facilities and fast internet. We managed to download the video within minutes via a WIFI connection. The auditorium was very impressive including full audio video facilities with a multiple LCD panels, dim lights, superb audio features.

The meeting ended with Dr Ram (the new medical advisor to the association) giving a presentation. Dr Ram gave a presentation entitled “Updates On The Management Of Psoriasis”. Dr Ram gave his thanks to the Prince Court Medical Centre for allowing the association to use the premises at no cost, the association members for attending, the dermatology association of Malaysia and representatives from Leo Pharma.

Dr Ram gave a presentation that covered Psoriasis in general and the latest treatments available globally. It has been medically accepted that Psoriasis is systemic and also increases cardiovascular morbidity. Dr Ram gave a good guideline for the members using the mnemonic (his invention) called “T I M E S” to assist in caring for their psoriasis. Psoriasis members should use TIMES to remember the following and to avoid the following items/situations

T – Trauma (avoid injuries, jelly fish/insect stings, etc)
I – Infection (HIV, virus, etc)
M – Medication (Beta blockers, Lithium, NSaids, etc – can’t be taken by psoriasis patients)
E – Endocrine (pregnancy, hypocalcaemia)
S – Stress, Smoking

The members then adjourned for refreshments and a “get to know each other” session. Members exchanged notes on their treatments and medications.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One thought on “Highlights: Psoriasis Association AGM – 04 April 2010.

  1. I have psoriasis for past 10 yrs…maybe due to work stress.I was admitted to specialist hospice repeatedly for 4 yrs with a total of 72 days.My whole body was red n scaly..many a time swollen too that I couldn’t walk.I would like to share my experience of suffering and healing with others.

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