One thought on “Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year

  1. My name is Kumar and i have psoriasis. Started when I was 18. Tried all allopathy treatment. Works a while, then stops after which the psoriasis seems to be getting worst than before. Also understood allopathy treatment with steroids and immune suppresing drugs are not good for overall health.
    God’s grace came across ancient and still important system of medicine for incurable diseases, Siddha medicine.
    It helped me greatly. Basically, you need a holistic aproach to balance your immune, exercise – yoga and pranayama even a simple walk, sunlight, fresh air, vegetarian based diet. Do not expect a medicine alone will heal you. You need to change your lifestyle. Go to bed earlier, rise earlier. Don’t expect that you can continue ot abuse your body and still get better by a magic pill or cream/lotion.
    Of course you need to try it out yourself, just don’t take my word for it. It has worked for many and I’m definately sure it will work for you. Do your research on Siddha, the science put forward by Sages and saint with their incomparable knowledge of the Self. Keep an open mind. The cure is within you.

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