Meetup @ AGM, 5th June 2011

The Psoriasis Association of Malaysia will be holding the 2011 AGM on 5th June 2011. Do drop by if you are free. Come on over to ‘network’ in person, catch up with each other and make new friends.

Details are found below:

Academy of Medicine Malaysia
G-1 Medical Academies of Malaysia, 210 Jln Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Map and photo here:

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch
13.30 – 15.00 AGM

Harvard researcher wants to understand how nerves interact with psoriasis lesions

The Nervous System And Psoriasis: Lorena Riol Blanco’s research, funded by a National Psoriasis Foundation Discovery Grant, will be the first to examine the nervous system’s role in psoriasis.

By inducing inflammation similar to psoriasis in the skin of mice, Blanco hopes to learn how molecules in the nervous system react at the site of psoriasis lesions.

Blanco, a native of Spain, finished her doctorate at the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid before coming the U.S., where she did her first post-doctoral training in the study of the role of the immune system in multiple sclerosis.

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2011 Annual General Meeting – 29 May Sunday

The Psoriasis Association will be having it’s 2011 AGM on May 29.Jun 05, 2011.  The venue and agenda is to be confirmed.

What happens at the AGM? Well, the Psoriasis Association of Malaysia is a registered volunteer based organisation. Under the guidelines of forming an official association – you are required to organise this once a year. Besides voting for new committee members and other official tasks – members can get to ‘network’ in person, catch up with each other and make new friends.

More info will be shared soon. Watch this space!