Xiamol By Leo Pharma

Xamiol: A few weeks ago, Leo Pharma launched a new treatment called Xamiol. It is a topical treatment for scalp psoriasis with gel. Read more about it here   I had a test unit a few months ago. While I reckon it was effective for me – it was very messy. The gels gets on your hands (touching your scalp at night accidentally). If you have used it, share your experience here.

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35 thoughts on “Xiamol By Leo Pharma

  1. I have used this product for my son for about 6 weeks , in this 6 weeks period it disappear, then stop for 4 weeks ,at the end of this 4 weeks period it appears again, it look like never treated before !

  2. Hi,

    May i know where can i get this product?

  3. psoriasismalaysia

    Hi there- try inquiring with your dermatologist. Alternatively, contact Leo Pharma Malaysia http://bit.ly/kw4IZB   Most pharmacies still do not stock it (at time of writing) and you likely need to buy it from a skin specialist for now.

  4. i am from malaysia i want to know where can i get this product.. please help me
    which pharmacy that have this product

  5. How much? I would like to buy one

  6. I went to all pharmacies in seremban but no stock of xamiol. how can i buy it.

    • psoriasismalaysia

      Hi there, please check with the skin specialist or dermatologist. From our knowledge at time of writing, you can only buy it from the doctors. Hope this helps. Do take care.

  7. i have psoriasis since feb 2011.until know this disease could not disappear from my skin (head) when i used this xamiol.price rm 90.00 small bottle.is anybody there could help me to cure my psoriasis?

    • psoriasismalaysia

      Hi Fauzi, Thanks for your comment. Scalp Psoriasis is quite persistent. Are you seeing a dermatologist? I would like to perhaps suggest that you discuss treatment options with him including asking for the possibility of internal systemic medicine. Please also look through the list of dermatologist available on our website should you need to seek treatment at a dermatologist. Keep looking until you find a doctor that can work closely with you that can listen and is professional. Do not give up – psoriasis can be controlled.

  8. Hi, just want to ask, can xiamol be applied to the skin?

    • psoriasismalaysia

      Hi Elf,

      Thanks for your comment. It is meant for the scalp though no one will stop you from applying on the skin. I just spoke to the national sales manager of Leo Pharma this morning who mentions that your chances of getting Xiamol is via the dermatologist for now. As there is low demand due to the newness of Xiamol, it will take a while for the pharmacies to stock it. Pharmacies will usually start ordering more when demand picks up. So if you keep asking your local pharmacist – they may bring it in for you:) We advise to visit the doctor first.

  9. salam all of you. my name is saiful. i have scalp pso and body psoriasis. i start treatment from 14 oct 2011. for bath i use polytar soap and sebitar. then i will use xamiol and daivobet. then before i go to work i use TF from cellabs. then 14 nov 2011 all plaque is gone. then is stop use the xamiol, i eat TF cellabs every morning then psoriasis not come back again……i want to swim next month……. just try……….

  10. hi there i’m 31 years old female, from Kuching Malaysia, shame, low self-esteem and tired to get treatment ..that what i feel.. i have psoriasis since 2001 until now, 90% psoriasis coverage, just about everywhere except my face! i try treatment after treatment. I went to the dermatologists specializing in psoriasis treatments in Kuching. Nothing they prescribed or tried produced any lasting relief. Sometimes I would see some improvement with a new treatment or ointment, and then the progress would stop. Then it would get worse than it was before………..It sucked! lots of money i spent at dermatologist’s offices. not felt better.. so i hope someone can help me cure my psoriasis? .. pls.. HELP ME..

    • Hi there. I am 21 years old female. My skin started developed psoriasis since I am 15 years old. At first I thought it just dandruff (as it starts from my scalp). However it becomes worse. I understand how you felt as I had gone through the same condition. I once felt like giving up. But I gain supports from my family and I tried to accept the skin that I live in. I managed to go to private hospitals and the costs are really expensive. I couldn’t bear the costs since I am still a student. I don’t give up and continuously trying to control my psoriasis. It’s true what ‘psoriasis malaysia’ said. I decided to continue my treatment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and I had found a doctor that can work closely with me and professional. Now I manage to control my psoriasis and I don’t feel shame or having low self-esteem anymore.

      • salam fatin may i know whats the doctors name dan bahagian apa ?

      • Wassalam, Izam. Doctor tu from Dermatology department. He is Chinese doctor. I don’t think it’s appropriate to expose the doctor’s name here. Why not if you e-mail me and we can share our experiences. =)

  11. plz mix xamiol with transfer factor…….

  12. Try Homeopathy …. for those who have tried various treatment and medicine. Don’t give up ….

  13. I’m using Xiamol for 1 week now. I bought this gel at RM82.20 since my doctor prescribed this gel for me. If buying this gel at the pharmacies, the price is quite expensive; RM90. As for now, this gel help to control my scalp psoriasis. However, I’m afraid it getting worse as what had happened to Ahmad Omar’s son. I think I need to ask my doctor about this. =(

  14. it works only 4 awhile..u have to keep using it every day. and its a kind of steroid ..im using it 4 the past 5 mth now ..but when i don’t used it it will come bck.

  15. im from malaysia also fauzi my doctor say the only way to make this thing be gone forever is healthy lifestyle.. we must exercise daily . make sure we become fit..cause she told me she got a few b4 this who got psoriasis once they change they lifestyle no more psoriasis.

  16. I have psoriasis on my scalp pretty badly. I used the Shielo Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo and in 3 days there were no flakes or itchiness at all!! I have tried so many shampoos for this problem that I have lost count. I think that it smells very herbal like incense or something similar. I have been able to use the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo daily with no drying out of my hair or scalp. I’ve also been able to skip it for a couple days and use a different shampoo and the flakiness/itch hasn’t returned.The Hydrate Conditioner is a must as well!!

  17. Hi.. I’m from India. I have psoriasis on my scalp from 5 yrs. I have received treatment from various dermatologists. Scales on scalp come back after the treatment. I visited a private hair clinic, Dr. has recommended to use xamiol, but they are charging huge amount of INR 10K (Around 180 USD). Please suggest is the price acceptable ????

    Request for psoriasismalasia to reply

    • psoriasismalaysia

      Hi Balaji – from the information we have received , the price of Xamiol locally is RM85 approximately per bottle. This means approx USD 28 per bottle. We hope this information is helpful.

  18. hello……how to order Xamiol pls? can anyone tell me the exact location or pharmacist where i can buy this product. i have used it before and it really works.pls assist me on where to buy this product? i staying around shah alam..

    • psoriasismalaysia

      Hi, please call Caring pharmacy and ask if they carry it. Some
      Caring pharmacies do carry though not all. Thanks and hope this is helpful.

  19. hi. im from sabah.MYS. im suffered of psoriasis almost 5 years. but i nearly maintain it now. i have used almost ethiing include the tar thing. the moogoo thing. and etc. and non of those work on me.
    till i mate someone and told me local sabah called this disease as SAMAIE…..

  20. Hello. I’m a 56 years old man from Denmark and I have been suffering badly from scalp psoriasis since I was a teenager. Three years ago I started using Xamiol Gel and became 95% symptom free and I can keep it at this level with a single annual cure. There is no such thing as a miracle cure but Xamiol comes close. Thanks a lot 🙂

  21. For those in KL, i’m getting Xamiol from dermatologist in Subang SS5 – Clinic Raj at about Rm90 per bottle. It isn’t cheap but it does help with the symptoms. I have been using it for months – it’s good with control but nothing else.

    • Thanks Eugene for sharing. For those living in KL, the pharmacist called AA pharmacy also has a good price. You can call ahead to find out the price before you go.

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