World Psoriasis Day 2012 Needs You – Find Out How.

As World Psoriasis Day (WPD) is approaching (October 29), the theme for 2012 is “Psoriasis A Global Health Challenge”. A global campaign has been launched where people with Psoriasis are petitioning to “Put Psoriasis On The Agenda”. What does this mean?

There are various world and government organisations that need to take psoriasis seriously such as our own Malaysian government and the World Health Organisation (More on this in another post).

Here is a quick FAQ about the campaign:

A: What is the global campaign about?
Q: People with psoriasis around the globe will be uniting in one voice to ask Psoriasis be treated as a serious and chronic disease.

Q: What are people suppose to do?
A: Malaysians and others with Psoriasis in Malaysia are asked to take photos while holding the WPD speech bubble at the following venues:

  • In front of parliament, WHO offices, United Nations buildings, government buildings, national landmarks
  • At hospitals, day care centers, schools, work places, recreational centers and major public transportation hubs
  • With celebrities, politicians, key opinion leaders

Note: You may pose by yourself or with your friends

Example of using the cut out bubble from the Psoriasis Association of Philippines.


Q: What will the Psoriasis Association do with the photos once they have been submitted?
A: Photos submitted from Malaysia will be:

  1. Shared with the local mass media to promote World Psoriasis Day
  2. Used for the presentation to the government (e.g. Health Ministry) and other relevant Malaysian governmental organisations when the opportunity arises to advocate the plight of Malaysians with psoriasis.
  3. Shared with the International Federation of Psoriasis Association (IPFA) which will use all photos from every participating country as part of their global campaign

For more details, click here to visit the 2012 World Psoriasis Day website.

Q:How are we suppose to pose?
A: Please hold the speech bubble in front of you towards your left. This will depict that you are saying the words in the speech bubble

Q: Where can we download the speech bubble?
A: Download the A4 size speech bubble here

A: Download the A3 size speech bubble here 

Q: Once I have taken the photos, where should I send the photo?
A: Please send your photos to Please note that all submissions will also be posted on the Facebook page of the Psoriasis Association.

Q:Can I help my giving you some of my contacts to key people in Malaysia that could help with the campaign?
A:Yes – most certainly. Please contact us if you have contacts to people in the United Nation Agencies, politicians, policy makers, researchers & the mass media.

Q: Are there any terms and conditions with regards to submitting my photos
A: Please view the following terms and conditions:

“The submission of your photos to the Psoriasis Association of Malaysia (PAM) to our official email will mean that you have given PAM the consent to use your submitted photos as part of the World Psoriasis Day campaign which will be featured on the association’s official website, Facebook and other selected media including submitting them to our key target groups which include the mass media. By submitting your photos, you are consenting that your photos can be used by PAM however deemed appropriate for the World Psoriasis Day campaign which includes local and international usage such as campaigns used by the IFPA”

For more information about the campaign, please contact us at

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