Psoriasis Association Event & AGM – Sunday 25 May 2014



Psoriasis patients in Malaysia are cordially invited to this year’s latest event on 25th May 2014 (Sunday).

Among the interesting items included in this event are:

  • Research findings from last year’s blood donation
  • Election of the committee
  • Update about the National Psoriasis Registry. 

All members are invited to attend. Patients who had donated their blood for genetic research at World Psoriasis Day 2013 are invited to attend this event where Dr Raoul & other doctors will spend some time with you from 415 pm onwards to explain about your blood donation genetic results.

Please tick the box in the registration form below in order for the doctors to prepare your personal report.

Please register by 22 May 2014  using the form below as we need to prepare enough  food for lunch &  ensure no wastage.

1300 Lunch
1400 Introduction by President & Doctors
1415 AGM
1515 Dr Raoul & Dr Suhaili to announce the summary of research findings
1530 National Psoriasis Registry Update
1540 Talk by Dato’ Dr Rajen on “Ayurveda – The Oldest Healing Science”
1610 Other Updates
1630 Patient Consultation – Personal Research Findings
1700 Tea Time & Patient Catch up

Venue: Academy of Medicine Of Malaysia
G-1 Medical Academies of Malaysia, 210 Jln Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Please register

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