Talk On Psoriasis in Kuala Lumpur | 12 May 2018

Psoriasis patients are invited for a talk on 12 May 2018 which is organised by the association & Hoe Pharmaceuticals. Please RSVP and see details attached

Pesakit Psoriasis dijemput untuk hadir pada 12 May 2018 bagi acara perubatan mengenai Psoriasis. Acara ini dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Psoriasis & Hoe Pharmaceuticals. Sila hubungi persatuan untuk pendaftaran.

World Psoriasis Day Event At University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)

For World Psoriasis Day this year, Persatuan Psoriasis Malaysia wishes to announce the following event.

World Psoriasis Day 2017
Event on 30/10/2017
“Psoriasis Inside Out”

Activities include:
1 Poster exhibition (30/10/17-6/11/17)
2 Booth exhibition
3 Meet the Psoriasis Association of Malaysia
4 Interaction with public and patients
5 Research activities

Come and join us on 30/10/2017 at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) concourse Menara Utama (8 am to 5 pm) to learn more about psoriasis.

WPD flyer 2017 v2

Psoriasis Events In Penang, Melaka & Kuching (Oct & Nov)

For Psoriasis patients in Penang, Melaka & Kuching – please take note of the following events and you are welcome to contact the organisers.

Please note that the above events are not organised by the Psoriasis Association of Malaysia & the association is making the above information available to create awareness of the events and activities for Psoriasis patients in Malaysia.

World Psoriasis Day 2016 Kuala Lumpur

The World Psoriasis Day KL 2016 event is where patients, doctors, caregivers, medical industry and the public gather. The objective is to create awareness about Psoriasis, highlight the effects of the condition & come together as a community to help each other.

We would like to thank all those who where present being the medical doctors from department of Dermatology General Hospital Kuala Lumpur, SSJ Events, members of the press, psoriasis patients, caregivers and others who made this event possible. We also thank organisations from the pharmaceutical industry mainly Johnson & Johnson (Main Sponsor), abbvie, Galderma, Hoe Pharmaceuticals, Leo Pharma & Novartis for their generous contributions.

For more photos visit our Facebook page.

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eBulletin 2016 

The Psoriasis Association of Malaysia is happy to announce the release of the 2016 eBulletin. 

You will find these topics : World Psoriasis Day Kuala Lumpur, letter from the editor Major (R) TUDM  Eugene Cross, comorbidities – how does it impact me, real stories of patients coping with P & PA, tips on healthier living, patient empowerment and much more.   

Read or download the eBulletin (PDF) here :

It’s World Psoriasis Day Today.

WPD Photo Website ver01

It’s World Psoriasis Day Today! Everyone who has Psoriasis around the world is united on this day asking for “Access To Treatment”.

Tell your family and friends that it is World Psoriasis Day today! It’s up to us to work together to help each other manage our Psoriasis condition and one day find a cure.

Here are the photos from WPD 2013 in Malaysia where patients with Psoriasis came together because of our condition. Stay strong and have a great day 🙂

Click here to view the photos from World Psoriasis Day 2013 (KL Event)

World Psoriasis Day 29 Oct – Coming Soon!


October is just around the corner & the Psoriasis Association of Malaysia will be organising our annual get together for World Psoriasis Day (WPD). This year it will be held on Sunday 27 Oct in Kuala Lumpur. Venue to be announced soon.

We have interesting activities planned this year. As we are still preparing and if you want to volunteer to help out for the WPD KL event – please contact us via our email before 7th Sept 2013.

Should you wish to organise a WPD event in your own town or city in Malaysia, please contact us via email & we will provide you guidance on how to organise your own event.

Attached are 2 documents giving an overview of the 2013 theme “Global Access To Treatment” for this year’s WPD and campaign entitled “Treat The Patient – Save The Person”.

2013 Theme & Key Communication Messages

World Psoriasis Day 2013 Testimonial Campaign

PSORCARE – A Patient Care Workshop For Nurses & Pharmacists.


The Psoriasis Association of Malaysia had attended the PSORCARE Workshop for pharmacists and nurses which is a coaching workshop for psoriasis patient care. Nurses and patients came as far as Penang & Johor to the Eastin Hotel on 23rd June 2013. This is the 2nd workshop in South East Asia (after Singapore and next stop, Manila Philippines). The workshop is regionally by Leo Pharma and PsorAsia. We wish to applause all parties for giving up their time on Sunday to make this happen.

The workshop began with Dr Najeeb Mohd Safdar the president of Persatuan Dermatoglogy Malaysia giving an introduction that included much encouragement to the participants. The association president Eugene then welcomed the participants and gave an overview of the psoriasis association including an overview about PsorAsia.



Dr Mazlin Mohd Baseri who is a lecturer and dermatologist from UKM Medical Centre gave a lively and comprehensive overview of psoriasis. The room was silent while viewing the heart breaking photos of patients with psoriasis. The treatment options that are adhered by dermatologist as part of treatment options were shared with the various participants. Many questions were also asked by the workshop participants about the realities that psoriasis patients face while adhering to daily treatment which included the difficulty in following their daily regimens.


A session was dedicated to patient care by having patients share their stories with the workshop. Encik Samad who was an ex policeman (patient of Dr Mazlin) then shared how he has been dealing with psoriasis since being diagnosed for the past 4 years. Most of his friends had originally thought that the disease was infectious. He mentioned that he felt very stressed and angry during the onset. Encik Samad had also explained that counseling from Dr Mazlin helped him. After taking the knowledge and explaining to his family and friends, they were also more supportive. Friends were less suspicious of his psoriasis and relationships were renewed.

Sister Yong Wee Hwa (senior nurse) from GHKL guided the patient conversation – so that a deeper understanding about the patient experience with the primary care professionals was better understood. Sister Yong had also shared that she came across many patients who were frustrated that there is no cure available for psoriasis. Sister Yong, had shared that in GHKL, there is a counseling support programme for patients with psoriasis which are conducted by trained nurses. This is indeed great news for all psoriasis patients.


The entire day workshop continued with Barbara Page, dermatology nurse & liaison specialist from Scotland. Barbara is also involved with the international skin care nursing group. In the workshop Barbara had covered topics such as “Motivating Our Patients For Change”, Case Studies (what are my treatment options, challenges in managing psoriasis, how to lead a healthy lifestyle), assessment tools and awarding of certification to participants. The workshop ended at approximately 5pm.

On behalf of all psoriasis patients including those who have just been diagnosed, we thank all those involved esp the nurses and pharmacist who have given time on an entire Sunday to attend this workshop for psoriasis patient care. Our appreciation goes our to you.